Aluminium Waste Environmental History

There is a global trend away from continued landfilling of salt cake and black dross residues, which presents immense opportunities for growth for MHM Metals.

  • In Australia the EPA has designated salt cake as a hazardous material and must be disposed of in landfills which are cost-prohibitive for industry.
  • In excess of 1 million tpa black dross and salt cake is produced replica watches annually in the US, presenting excellent growth opportunities for MHM.
  • A number of aluminium companies have taken initiatives to Replica Rolex Swiss Rolex Replica Watches Uk Online reduce or eliminate landfill internationally.
  • In Canada, black dross and salt cake landfill is allowed but it is increasingly problematic.
  • Salt cake is regulated as a hazardous waste in Europe, with a ban on landfill of any kind.