Company Profile

MHM Metals Limited

Final delivery of salt slag to MHM’s wholly owned subisidary Alreco from Alcoa was received in March.

Alreco is now focused on the cleanup of its Buckley Grove Property.

Alreco expects to receive the final cash receipt from Alcoa during the month of April.

In the pursuit of a business capable of becoming MHM’s principal long term undertaking, the Company will focus its efforts on identifying and assessesing opportunities in the mineral resources sector.

The Company will also consider third party originated transactions capable of driving shareholder value.

This endeavour will be funded through MHM’s residual cash balance post cleanup of the Moolap Plant in addition to any future receipts of R&D Tax rebates, property sales and litigation awards.

To date the company has assessed a number of opportunities and is confident that it is well placed to execute a transaction which unlocks shareholder value.